Benefits Of Keto You Never Knew Before

What are the benefits of doing Keto? Who has been practicing the Keto lifestyle? Do I still need a health screening? What body conditions can keto diet be helpful?

If you have been asking all these questions then keep reading to get your questions answered by the #1 guide for keto diet for beginners!

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Our previous blog posts titled Keto Diet For Beginners  and Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Keto have deeply discussed ketosis, how it works and why it’s effective.

And our Ketogenic Diet 101 customers are loving it! 

Now, let us tell you what are its benefits that made people stay and even convert it to a lifestyle!

So, what are the benefits of ketones?

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Ketone bodies help give you energy. They are able to cross the blood-brain barrier which fatty acids are not, but what about weight loss? 

That’s why you’re here, right? 

Keto diet beginners trying to lose weight should know that a well formulated ketogenic diet causes significant weight loss in most individuals by keeping dietary carbohydrates very low. This keeps insulin levels very low.

Benefits of Keto Diet

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

We’ve already established that a keto diet exists, but why would someone want to be in ketosis?

Are there benefits of following a ketogenic diet weight loss?

Well, in ketosis: 

  • the body is able to burn stored fat
  • insulin levels are lowered 
  • reduced appetite
  • achieving “mental clarity” 

Keto diet for beginners and people in ketosis often report experiencing a level of “mental clarity” that they don’t have when fueled by glucose. 

Reduced appetite since its known that fat and protein are known to be very satiating -it means people often don’t get as hungry on a ketogenic diet which can improve a person’s relationship with food.

Healing studies have also shown it can help kill cancer cells and help to treat or even reverse cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s symptoms, improved insulin levels, reduced blood pressure and improved blood, cholesterol and triglyceride levels! These benefits all result from fat being the body’s fuel source.

These are just one of the few benefits of keto diets for beginners losing weight. Want to hear more? Get our Ketogenic Diet 101 Course Deluxe and be confident in what you eat

Let’s compare keto low-carb diet to a high-carb diet!

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

A study has been conducted on 40 individuals to compare the effects between low-carb and high-carb diets. They were put on either a high-fat low-carb ketogenic diet or a high-carb low-fat diet. 

They were measured for about 12 weeks.  The keto group has been instructed to eat as much food as they want. The keto diet is so satiating that their group ate about 1,500 calories. The high-carb group  had to match calories to the keto group, so they ended up being matched at about 1,500 calories.

They both ate the same amount of calories. They just let the keto diet kind of paved the way.

Now, what they found at the end of the study is nothing short of just insane. The keto diet group, even though they ate the same amount of calories as the other group, lost twice as much weight. 

Not just a couple pounds but twice as much weight!

They also had improvements in their overall lipid profile. They had a decrease in their triglyceride levels and lots of positive things. 

That’s one amazing study of keto diet for beginners! 

But there’s some new Harvard research that will absolutely blew you away!

This took a look at 162 people divided into three groups. In these three groups, all ate 2000 calories.  They had  a high-carb low-fat group. They had a moderate carb, moderate fat, moderate protein group, sort of a standard diet, and then they had a low-carb ketogenic diet again.

What’s interesting with this study is that not only was it very controlled, but instead of just seeing how much weight they would lose, they wanted to see if the metabolism would improve. What they told people is that they wanted them to maintain their weight for 20 weeks on these diets. 

They were going to be fed exactly what needs to be fed in order to maintain their weight. Basically, they’re trying to see if the metabolism got faster. 

Want to know something wild?

At the end of 20 weeks, they were having to feed the ketogenic diet group people 209 more calories than when they started and way more than the other groups. 

This showed that the ketogenic diet boosted the metabolism to the point that even for these subjects to maintain weight, they had to eat over 200 calories more than they were before.  They were shifted to a keto diet and suddenly their bodies were incinerating more fuel, pretty cut-and-dry right

Okay, so I'm definitely interested in Keto. But, do I need a health screening first?

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

We always tell our Ketogenic Diet 101 customers and keto diet beginners trying to lose weight that a general health screening is always a good idea.  This is to make sure there’s no rare conditions or contradictions with your health or medications on a ketogenic diet.

The nutritional science world is still relatively new so there isn’t a ton of information on a ketogenic diet. 

New dietary research is emerging that’s challenging our old beliefs about nutrition but despite this, the old research that demonized fat and saturated fat is still widely accepted. 

Most of what we know about ketogenic diets, especially keto diet for beginners come from actual people who have put it into practice in their lives. There is not enough existing research yet to start changing our old approaches to nutrition.

What body conditions can Keto diet be helpful?

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Some people who have struggled with insulin sensitivity and/or being overweight may find that a ketogenic diet works really well for them. Those people don’t have to deal with insulin. You see they are trying to reset their appetite center and be more mindful of being full! 

So if you’re on a low fat diet or a low fat and low carb diet or a high protein diet and you think, you’re really hungry all the time…you’re not crazy, you actually are hungry! 

Your insulin is raised and it’s telling you that you need fuel on a ketogenic diet without the glucose there. Your body doesn’t experience spikes in insulin and you’re more likely to feel satiated….

Want to know more information about Keto Diet? 

Get our Ketogenic Diet 101 Deluxe available in video and ebook whichever you prefer with unlimited lifetime access + 3 Bonuses!

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Here in KetoDietStyle, we advocate a mindful Keto diet!​​

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

We don’t want you to blindly follow keto as a fad diet, instead we want you to practice it because you fully understand its purpose, you believe in its process, and you know it’s best for your body. 

Before you decide to get to the juicy beginner meal prep and hacks, we prioritize that you fully understand what kind of diet you are doing, how it works and why. 

We care for you and you shouldn’t be doing it just for the trend. You should do it for yourself and learn to listen to your body so you’ll know whether it’s the right diet for you.

We’re very excited to share to you valuable keto information! Here’s what’s in store for you…

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Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners
Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

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