How to Get Into Ketosis Fast

Health Becomes a Very Important Thing

At present, health is an essential thing that must be considered in life. By being healthy, we can do our regular activities without difficulty. Doing daily activities feels comfortable and convenient. Everyone always wants to have a healthy and fit body so that they can avoid various diseases. Because with a healthy body and mind, the well-being of life can continue to improve. 

Keeping healthy is not as difficult as you might think. There are many ways to apply for a healthier life, such as regular exercise, adequate rest, and proper diet. Some of the efforts that can be done to implement a healthy diet is to maintain food intake with diet and nutrients that the body desperately needs. 

Getting adequate nutrition can be done by observing the intake of food eaten daily. On the other hand, people usually go on a diet to achieve specific goals, such as reducing certain foods and gaining a balanced weight to get a healthy body. There are many types of the diet itself. Some of the diets that are quite popular and widely followed by the general public are intermittent fasting, vegan diets, Mediterranean diets, to ketogenic diets. 

In this article, we will discuss all things about the ketogenic diet that many people are following. This diet, often shortened to a keto diet, was introduced by a physician named Hugh Conklin in the 1920s. In the past, the primary purpose of diet was to reduce epilepsy experienced by many children in his day. But so far, the diet has been used to lose weight fast, but still get the body’s nutrients.

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners
Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Ketogenic Diet, the low-Carbohydrate Diet

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is actually a method to maintain your diet by limiting or even consuming carbohydrates and sugar. A Carbohydrate diet is believed to provide many benefits to the body. This is suitable for those who want to lose weight to eliminate the risk of getting certain diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, to heart disease. 

By limiting the intake of carbohydrates and sugars consumed, the body will enter a ketosis state, which is the accumulation of ketone waste in the blood. This carbohydrate removal method is done on a keto diet, but of course, these nutrients are replaced by foods that contain healthy fats, proteins, and other nutritious foods. Young people widely choose this method for the elderly because it is quite simple and proven effective in getting good health. Even those who undergo this diet program regularly and regularly will get a better body and look slimmer. 

Although they do not get many carbohydrates, people who undergo this diet program do not have to worry about a lack of energy to do daily activities because the fat will be used as a supplement and carbohydrates. So, energy can still be produced by the body through combustion. Besides, the benefits gained by undergoing this program are indeed very worthwhile for those who are diligent.

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

Many advantages can be gained by following this keto diet. Not surprisingly, many people want to try and apply their diet regularly with this one diet. Here are some of the benefits that can be gained by undergoing this program: 

Lose weight

It has been explained that one of the primary purposes of this ketogenic diet is to reduce excess carbohydrates that should be consumed in the daily dominant amount by the body. Reducing carbohydrates is one of the easiest methods to lose weight. A low-carb diet, such as a ketogenic diet, can really help reduce excess fat tissue in the body to use as a source of energy. Also, this diet makes energy intake more stable. 

Reduces seizures in people with epilepsy

Initially, this keto diet is intended for people with epilepsy and has proven to be effective. The ketogenic diet was used to prevent or reduce seizures in children and adults with epilepsy in the 19th century. Several health studies have shown that ketogenic diets have been shown to help reduce the recurrence of epilepsy symptoms, especially in epilepsy, that is difficult to manage with medication. 

Controlling blood sugar levels

The keto diet is used for weight loss and provides many other benefits, such as controlling blood sugar levels. By drastically reducing the intake of carbohydrates and sugar, the body will be easier to control blood sugar levels. This is very helpful for those who have diabetes. While using a ketogenic diet, the body gets only a few carbohydrates. When carbohydrate intake is low, the body will be able to use carbohydrates for energy. So, the sugar level will not be excessive in the blood. 

Maintain brain function and function to be more focused

One of the conditions produced by the keto diet is the period of ketosis in which the body produces ketones, and these compounds will be a stable source of energy for the brain compared to glucose. As a result, brain work performance will increase to focus and concentrate longer. In comparison, when glucose becomes a source of energy for the brain, the brain's endurance will only last for one to two days. This reduces the work of the mind when glucose storage is depleted. On the other hand, when ketones become a source of energy for the brain, brain work is more durable and will last for weeks. Therefore, optimal brain work will last longer. 

Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

People on a ketogenic diet will eat healthier fats, proteins and fibre. In the long run, this diet can help lower the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides and increase good cholesterol. 

Maintaining heart health

Excessive levels of bad cholesterol are among the causes of the formation of spots on the blood vessels. Therefore, a ketogenic diet can be one of the ways to reduce bad cholesterol sometimes. In addition, this diet can also help lower blood pressure or at least maintain its stability. Because of these benefits, ketogenic diets are considered suitable for heart health. 

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Ketogenic Diet Guidelines

A ketogenic diet focuses on foods that are high in protein, good fats, and rich in various nutrients. A person on this diet should avoid carbohydrates and sugars, such as rice, potatoes, pasta, and many other carbohydrate foods. The intake of carbohydrates needed by the body will be replaced by good proteins and fats eaten to produce energy. In the process, the body will no longer have blood sugar, which is the primary energy source. So, the fat taken will be used as a source of energy stored in the body. 


People are generally limited to getting an adequate fat intake of between 20 to 30 percent a day. However, in this keto diet, the fat intake will increase to 60 to 70 percent than it should. On the other hand, the need for carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced to 5 percent of the total daily diet. People who follow this diet can take food in the form of protein as an additional daily source of energy. 


In following this keto diet, you should also know the various menus usually served in the morning, day, and night as food. To get results from a perfect and good diet, you need to know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. That way, the diet will work, and you will not eat wrong as long as this keto diet program is run. Here are some types of foods to avoid.

Foods to Avoid in the Ketogenic Diet Program

Sweet foods are basically delicious and liked by many people. But such foods that contain excess glucose which should be avoided. Do not be tempted to eat the food below (or at least reduce it) in order for this keto diet to work. Here are some types of foods and examples to avoid:

• Sweet foods and drinks: Soda, fruit juices, high sugar cakes, sweet tea, ice cream, sweets, and other sugary drinks.
• Foods high in carbohydrates or dairy foods: Rice, wheat, potatoes, pasta, cereals, and whole grain foods.
• Fruits: Basically all fruits contain sugar. But fruits like berries are still suitable to eat.
• Beans: Peas, red beans, green beans, and beans with medium to high carbohydrates.
• Vegetables and some sweet potatoes: Potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.
• Low fat products: All products that are high in carbohydrates.
• Unhealthy fat products: It is best to avoid foods with high levels of saturated fat as they usually contain a lot of glucose, such as vegetable oils and refined mayonnaise.
• Alcohol: Of course alcohol is a drink that should be avoided. Non halal.
• Sugar-free diet foods: Contains high levels of artificial sugar, which can affect the ketone process.

In addition to knowing the various foods that should be avoided, you should also know the various foods that are highly recommended in this ketogenic diet program. By eating the following foods, you can say that you are on a good diet and follow the recommendations that apply. Here are some types of high-fat foods that are recommended to include in the keto diet menu:

• Meat: Red meat, steak, ham, sausage, chicken and turkey.
• Fatty fish: salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel.
• Eggs.
• Butter and cream.
• Unprocessed cheeses such as cheddar, lamb, cream, blue, or mozzarella.
• Specific nuts and seeds: Almonds and walnuts.
• Healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.
• Avocados and strawberries.
• Low carbohydrates: Green vegetables, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
• Seasoning: You can use salt, pepper and various healthy ingredients and spices.
• Full fat yogurt and full fat milk.
• 90% dark chocolate.

Keto Diet Style | Keto Diet For Beginners

Quick Ways to Achieve Ketosis

Ketosis is a condition in which the liver produces ketones as energy for the whole body. Most people experience ketosis when they do not have enough carbohydrates to burn. So in return, the body will burn fat storage. This can be done by adopting a ketogenic diet. However, many people want to get perfect results in a short amount of time, so they are looking for an excellent way to achieve ketosis faster than usual. Several tips can be done to achieve ketosis, namely: 

Performing Fasting

Fasting can be one of the best ways to increase the daily ketone rate consistently. This fast is done by not eating in the morning, but still eating in the afternoon and evening. Remember always to eat foods that do not contain too many carbohydrates. 


Exercise is another way to reach ketosis levels more quickly. All kinds of sports can be done, but for those who are not very easy to exercise, you can do light exercise such as walking, board, jogging, and pushing up. Exercise will help burn glucose and glycogen faster so that the state of ketosis you want can be achieved more quickly. Sports are indeed a healthy activity. If you’re going to make the most ketogenic foods, exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. 

Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine, commonly found in coffee, can help reduce appetite. That way, you won't have to snack often. Drink a cup of pure coffee without sugar in the morning to avoid hunger. Suppose you do not like coffee, then another alternative drink to drink his tea without sugar! 


In addition to being pleasant, our body will also burn calories during sleep. This is the best time for the body to regenerate new cells. 

Limit Carbohydrates

Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, bread, cassava, wheat, potatoes, corn, and all derived products. When you want to get ketosis quickly, make sure your carbohydrate intake is a maximum of 20 grams/day. Most people tend to focus only on clean carbs. If you want good results, limit both to keep pure carbohydrates below 20 grams and total carbohydrates below 35 grams a day. 

Limit Protein Intake

Too much protein can also cause low ketosis levels. It is best to consume protein in a ketogenic diet, but it is better to consume fat than the protein itself. 

Intake of High Fat Foods

Fat in the keto diet is a significant source of energy. So, make sure to eat enough because the fat is used for energy by burning by the body. Typically, the required fat reaches 60% – 70% of the food eaten daily. The number is relatively high but accurate. 

Drink enough water.

Drink at least two litres of water a day. Make sure your body is always hydrated and stay with the amount of water you drink. This not only helps with many critical bodily functions but also controls the level of hunger. 

Control your desires.

Unnecessary snacks can slow down the weight loss process. Weight gain will be better if you have low insulin levels during the day. 

Use of Supplements

Although not always necessary, it turns out that supplements can help the success of ketogenic diets. 


By following the tips above, it will be easier for you to reach the level of ketosis. The ketogenic diet program is booming, and the body will adapt to this condition. If you are new to the keto diet, make no mistakes and get it right away by investing in our Ketogenic Diet Guide Book.

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