Keto Diet During The Time Of COVID-19: Is it helpful for prevention?

Keto Diet During The Time Of COVID-19: Is it helpful for prevention?

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Although the keto diet has been branded as an effective way to strengthen your immune system and fight influenza symptoms, there is no concrete evidence that eating low carb or circulating ketones might help prevent or fight a COVID-19 infection.

Can the keto diet be practiced to prevent coronavirus infection?

No. For now, the keto diet as prevention for coronavirus infection is entirely speculative. 

The ketogenic diet can be useful to cut down on your carbs, lose weight, and maintain a healthy body. However, there is no significant cure insight about keto diet to fight or treat the coronavirus. 

One shouldn’t simply go about reading everything you see on the internet.

Keto diet is good to boost the immune system

There has been a study that shows that a keto diet may help the body defeat the influenza virus.

According to the findings of a study found in the journal Science Immunology: Ketogenic diet activates protective γδ T cell responses against influenza virus infection. Study shows that when mice fed a keto diet were injected with the flu virus, their survival rates were much higher than those of mice fed a diet high in carbohydrates.

One of the study’s senior researchers, Prof. Vishwa Deep Dixit from Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Immunobiology even said: “This study shows that the way the body burns fat to produce ketone bodies from the food we eat can fuel the immune system to fight flu infection.”

However, this study is not enough to rely on Keto as a protector since this study was done on mice and not humans for one. 

No one diet plan can boost your immunity or protect one from diseases, and this includes ketogenic diet foods.

Are there issues with starting or maintaining a ketogenic diet during these times?

Some have expressed concerns about not having enough supply of the high fat, low carb foods on a diet in stores and supermarkets in their countries.

During these trying times, it will help stock up immunity-boosting foods that are incredibly rich in vitamin C and zinc instead. There are a lot keto recipes in our report that includes immunity-boosting foods!

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You can also refer to our keto recipes to adapt to not having some of the common keto-approved diet foods, such as milk, eggs, or meats.

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